The Networking Secret That There Is No Secret… [part 1]

Since I have started to do well in this truly bat-shit world of entrepreneurialism, I have been asked to do a number of interviews and webinars.

You usually get asked a question along the lines of:

‘What’s the one thing that has made the most difference’

Or even better;

‘What’s the secret to your success’

Now everyone wants a nice tasty little sound bite – a simple snippet that will give the listener the answer to, hopefully, the life of riches they desire.

Which is why I’m a pain in the ass to interview sometimes 😉

Trying to sum that up in one, neat, pretty-packed principle or system is virtually impossible. So today, I thought I would break down one of the things that I have done to create a quite remarkable life. Seriously, someone should stop me! Ha

Right, here we go:


Now, before this conjures up those fucking awful business-type affairs where its like shit speed dating – you know the ones: business cards at the ready, 2-mins; then shuffle to you left.


I’m talking about taking the time to meet people in their environment, as well as online.

I’m a HUGE fan of masterminds, training courses and events. To be honest, I don’t actually spend much time IN them, I find lunch and ESPECIALLY the drinks after dinner have been without a doubt the most financially and emotionally rewarding bits of the day.

The key is to keep it organic.

What I mean by that is don’t be a fucking weirdo that steams in, elbowing your way into a conversation and all round making yourself look like a dick.

Be subtle.

Chat to people when they are at the bar waiting for drinks, when you are in the elevator or when you are sat down for food. Seriously, there may be a Mr. or Mrs. ‘who’s who’ but equally they are still human so there is no need to be weird about it.

When you get a chance to, say hello. If they are someone you admire, look up to, have read their books or bought their products – just be cool. Thank them for what they have done for you personally, be normal, and let the conversation flow naturally.

It’s really that simple.

Once you have connected with peeps, I always find it makes sense to either add them there and then on Facebook, or if you want to make a more ’professional’ intro then make sure you note down their name and make a note to email them later.

I always like to write a personal note to everyone that I network with.

Ill usually have a quick Google, scan the Facebooks, see what they are about then write a polite, tailored message –reference how you met them, and then let the relationship develop from there.

Now Dan I hear you cry:

‘But I’m stuck in X location, and cant fly all over the world like the tossbag that you are, what about little ole me?’

Fair point.

My first response would be to sack up, but that’s rather cruel so I will walk you though my online networking.

Which it itself is FUCKING GOLD

So Ill write that one up on the plane to the states.

Yeah, I’m a dick 🙂

4 comments on “The Networking Secret That There Is No Secret… [part 1]”

  1. Mike Harrington Reply


    Just kidding. This is nearly the identical approach I take whenever I go to conferences or “networking” events. I actually despise the term networking.

    I prefer just making friends. Finding out about the cool shit other people are doing. Being genuinely interested and asking em questions. It’s not fake. It’s not an act. I actually give a shit.

    And guess what, he man? That’s been the big secret to my progress and success as well.

    People. Who’d a thunk it?


  2. Rick Reply

    My brother was a driver on Mad MAx 3. went to the lunch tent one day and saw a big table with only one guy sitting there, so over he went. started talking to the bloke sitting there and in the end had a great yarn swapped recipes (I shit you not) and generally had a great time.

    Yeah it was Mel Gibson, and my bro wasn’t supposed to sit there. But being yourself and treating the other guy like a person, not a rockstar/demigod, gained traction for him. His co-extras were really miffed whenever Mel waved or stopped by and said “hi Simon hows it going?”.

    so yeah – being a normal human being works …

  3. Ian Reply

    Dan you’re the man (hey it rhymes 😉

    Love this post. I totally agree that subtlety in networking goes a longgg way.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Ian, its amazing how many people just dive in and look like an ass!

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