You really want to read about me?


Well the short version is I was an ambitious but fairly normal chap who had experienced some success in my careers – but end up burnt out, fat, hating life and genuinely at 33 (when I decided to do something about it) – I thought that was it for me.

That I would never fulfill my potential.

Then, one day – for no apparent reason – I thought ‘fuck that’ and decided to do something about it.

Brilliantly, with no idea how to do it

Now I live a rather awesome life, generally doing what I want, when I want.

I have no boss

No rules I have to adhere to

No one tells me what to do

I can come and go where I please

That, and I am completely in charge of the pennies & pounds that I earn. I do the work? I get the monies. Its that simple.

As of writing I currently have a gym, a coaching business, a marketing agency, a couple of books written, an accountability group called ‘Coffee with Dan’, I work for some of the worlds top marketing experts…oh and of course – this blog.

But, if you want to know a little bit behind **why** I do the crazy shit I do, then you will have to look a little closer to home.

I have wonderful parents, and my little sister, Anna,  who I love dearly is badly mentally disabled after a severe fit as a baby. She wont be able to support herself when she is eventually goes solo (she lives at home with Mum & Dad), and I want her to be safe.  That, and live the best possible life I can afford for her.

Sure, I love the good things in life – but the main goal is to have enough money so I can pay for not only her private care, but so that I can make my parents life truly amazing, and repay them for all the sacrifices they made for me.

And a speedboat. In Miami. This is also a thing I need in my life too 😉

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