Well, this blog was predominantly for me to take all the ‘things & stuff’ that’s in my head, and get it out there to help as many people life the life I now do..

…without its costing a small fortune, and nearly breaking me in the process!

What do I offer then?

Well it’s a mix, I’m a true entrepreneur after all 😉

What I’m best known for work wise is

Coaching (121 and private days) entrepreneurs to achieve maximum financial & geographical freedom

Direct response copywriting for the health, fitness & nutrition industry (I have a team)

Helping other people make money from their business

Networking – IF I cant help you, I WILL have someone in the contacts list that can

Modesty, shyness, being quiet and not wanting to stand out/be noticed

If anything above piques your interest, you want to say hi (or send me some critical feedback/abuse) – or maybe interested in doing some project work?

Hit me up – I don’t bite!

Unless you’re into that of course….ha