The Only Race You’ll Never Win…


You can’t beat it.

None of us can.

Fucker ain’t it?

But that’s the thing. When you boil it down to brass tacks, it’s the one thing – as a human- we cant avoid. We were put on this planet to love, love, create, experience…

…then as soon as we blink into existence?


We’re gone.

Now I need to prefix the rest of this blog with something: I’m not religious, I’m not sure if there is a ‘higher-power’ and I certainly don’t believe in scientology, cults or any such nonsense.

I don’t know why we are here.

Have NO idea what happens next.

And that is one of the biggest fears I have had all my life. I desperately want to know, understand and comprehend – well – life.

But I cant.

Which has brought me to my one big conclusion, and its not my phrase – but fuck it – I like it.


You’re not here for a long time, you’re here for a good time*

And the asterisk?

THAT’S the part where you learn to have a good time, BUT not at the expense of others.

That, my petit filou – is where the human element comes in.

What I heave realised is that it doesn’t matter what you religion, philosophy, mindset, beliefs of the stars say. Absolutely none of us knows what happens next. We don’t know, because we haven’t been there.

The fact that you are reading this is proof of that.

Sad but true: You can’t win

But what you can do on this race that we humans call life IS do, is make a difference. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to cure world hunger, AIDS, fix the economic shit-storm of be the lastest mother Theresa.

You just need to step the fuck up, and make a difference.

Doesn’t have to be millions…

Doesn’t have to be thousands…

Doesn’t have to be hundreds…

It could just be ONE

Just one person.

That YOU influence, help, mold, care about or make a difference to makes you someone who has done something different to the grey masses who shuffle from day to day, concerned with only their existence – and depressingly will shuffle off this mortal coild with a whimper; but a handful of folk knowing who they are.

Is that who YOU want to be?

The person who people vaguely remember, don’t have a bad word to say about….but ultimately don’t really miss you?



But I refuse to live my severely limited time on this planet doing anything but:

A) what I want and
B) something that makes a damned difference to others.

I have spent far too many years afraid, scared and feeling stupid as piss: like I didn’t have anything of value to add to life in general.

But no more.

This, this blog, my life, what I do with it?

Is a rallying cry to those who feel they deserve better…

Who want to add value to THEIR life, and that of OTHERS…

Are scared of feeling like they don’t mater in society….

Do you know what I say to the above?


Rise the fuck up; don’t ask for the mantle you deserve – fucking claim it. Rip it out of the hands of those who don’t want – or care – to do good with it.

You have a finite number of days on this glorious green orb

Don’t waste them

And if you have the balls?

Don’t let anyone else waste them either…

5 comments on “The Only Race You’ll Never Win…”

  1. David Reply

    Rise the fuck up; don’t ask for the mantle you deserve – fucking claim it. Rip it out of the hands of those who don’t want – or care – to do good with it. – FUCKING POW!@!

    • admin Reply


      thanks for the comment chap, am a huge fan of your work to.


  2. nayar Reply

    I love this, and can totally relate.
    For too long i was afraid to get out of my comfort zone and do new things, I was pretty comfortable doing what other people wanted me to and following the pre-ordained path we all get shoved into as soon as we are born!

    Then my dad passed away. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. And everything changed.

    I started questioning the life i was living. The life i was postponing to some future retirement. One i could not guarantee I’d reach!

    I realised that the time was now. We have no control over death, It’ll come without us knowing when. All we can do is make the days we DO have as useful as possible. Do shit, create shit, and change some lives!

    Now i live my life as if time is running out, and before it does i need to create something, or help someone, or create some value.

    I only realised all the lives my father had touched and given value to over the years once he passed away, People from all over the world came just for his funeral. And told us how he had effected, inspired, motivated, taught, helped them in some way.

    He left a legacy. And i want to do the same.


    • admin Reply

      Ahhhh Nayar, thank you sweets!

      you will get there I promise you. You don’t give up!!!

  3. Tim Tavender Reply

    I have just read this a year after you posted it, thanks to Facebooks nostalgic sentiments!

    Last August I sat in a hospital bed being told by a surgeon that the surgery I was about to have could result in a number of unsavoury outcomes. The top of the list was death, or actually, not waking up, whatevs.

    It also means most likely that I won’t live to a very ripe old age and I am certain there are more troubles ahead. It’s taken 10 months (to the day) to really have it all sink in. I have a three year old son and a great wife and a lovely life.

    Now reading this, has reinforced things I have thought about a lot. What will I leave behind. Will people know who I was, and what I stood for, will they care and what will I do that says I WAS HERE. Thankfully I am beginning to get clarity around this and the direction of my work and charitable contribution. Thank you for your post.

    I have some goals to reach by the 12 month mark in August – These next two months asre going to matter for all sorts of reasons (and beyond).

    It’s been great watching your rise – long may it continue.

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