Mastering The Mastermind (And What What You Need To Master)

I wrote a blog t’other day about the power of meeting people in person (and I don’t like the term networking but it is what it is). Had some really good feedback – and yes I AM going to write the one about online networking soon

People won’t let me forget 😉

Anyways, I’m writing this I think somewhere over Arkansas, leaving one mastermind and off to another.

Back to back.

Now I have found my British buddies doesn’t tend to do this as well as our American cousins do. In fact every time I tell someone I’m off to a mastermind – they generally either a) don’t know what it is or b) when I tell them how much I’ve spent they think I’m nuts!

I reckon I’ve invested – when you factor in the flights, hotels, entertainment (and we know Dan likes a drink, ha) and so forth in – just about the 6-figure mark.

At rough guesstimate I would say the ROI have been around – for me – about 5-6 times that has come back. That, and I can pinpoint post each one of these the spikes to my income and general life aweomemness

Now how I behave at these events are very much like I explained in my previous blog post; I keep everything organic and fun, and try to add value at every possible step.

Seems to be working 😉

But, what I wanted to talk to you about is why I think anyone who is serious about improving themselves as an entrepreneur REALLY needs to get in one. What I think people struggle to ‘get’ about being in a mastermind – one that meets in person – is what you actually, well, get?

The whole point, in my opinion, isn’t what you get per se, it’s a combination of things as far I see it. Sure, you will usually be taught some great content by the person running it of the guest speakers – a few books, trinkets and treats usually get laid loving on your desk as well

That’s par for the course.

But one of the most valuable things is being in a room of people it’s like you.

I mean let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we are a bit odd!

When the huge majority of society works FOR someone else, we are part of a little group who say:

‘Na, I’ll do it on my own thanks, and stuff your rules’

I like people like me

They rock.

That, and you will no doubt find answers to a whole stack of your problems, which is a truly fucking turbo-mega valuable thing to have. You see, either you a your business – or as its your baby you are so intrenched into the day-to-day ‘things n stuff’ that it’s often bloody hard to get clarity on your problems, as well as you struggle to see where the hidden opportunities lie.

(Seriously, the ideas other people have given me has resulting setting up two businesses. It’s epic.)

You can have 3, 5, 15, 30+ business folk who have all been through a variety of issues themselves, and they can give you advice – and yes sometimes it does hurt a bit – because they aren’t emotional invested in you.

They don’t have to be in the same niche as you either.

Business is business.

Problems are problems.

That, and sometimes just the act of talking it through with other people who *get* you gives you more than you could ever need. Getting to hang out with 6, 7, 8, 9 and even 10-figure owners is something most people don’t get to do, and you really should

The first thing I need to tell you, is that they are all really normal people.

They have fun
They will enjoy a glass or two
They swear
They get annoyed by hotel pens that don’t write proper (inside joke)

Which was one of THE biggest things that I learnt – heck – that smashed me in the face at my first one ‘Oceans 4’ last year in Miami.

Wanna know what it is?

THE big take away?


And if they were like me, then why couldn’t I be like them?

I can track my earnings and fun by my merchant account and my diary. 100%, deity of your choice, everything. EVERYTHING has accelerated to the point to where I’m sometimes alone in the bath giggling to myself about what how my life is now truly batshit brilliant.

(And I expect within a few days of posting this, something else ridiculous and awesome will likely happen, honestly it’s like sodding clockwork)

To give you an idea how much I value them, I’m currently I’m in 4 – Ryan Levesque’s ELITE & Next Level Mastermind (NLM), Joe Polish’s 25k/GENIUS Network and a small personal one that I created. That, and would say my group ‘Coffee With Dan’ is kinda one too I guess. They value they provide and the rate at which it accelerates my learning ‘n’ earning is ASTOUNDING.

Put it this way, I will never NOT be in a mastermind as long as I am in business.

That, and I get to hang out with people and do some really, really cool shit 🙂

I mean seriously, it’s a load of rule-breaking adults away from their daily responsibilities for a couple of days…

You can’t not have fun ha

(I’ll have to share the story about the bottle of vodka, the broken down bus and the credit card failure from hell one day….epic night!)

So do me a favour, if your actually serious about improving your life? Get your ass in one toot suite.

Go on, off you go now 😉

Dan ‘one bagging it to brilliance’ Meredith

Oh yes that’s right I promised you the ONE glorious tip for anyone who seeks a service (such as copywriting, design, coaching, Facebook ads, etc).

Go along to the mastermind – generally a paid one – of your target market.

Then make a lot of money.

Listen, in a mastermind not only do you have a captive audience – but it’s safe environment. They get to know you, and I tell you every time I (and a few other smart folk) do this? They make back the money they invested to get there in the first place.

Super chilled as frosty cucumber eh?

For example, Dan – aka The Fitness Copywriter – I go to a fitness mastermind expo thing. I tell people what I do organically in conversation. Someone needs my services and then boom:

New client.

Did this at a supplement mastermind in Chicago. Was there to learn about launching my own supplement business, and mentioned to the lovely chap running it that I’m quite good and writing about health, and pills, and stuff.

He mentioned this to the room.

Now have two of the biggest online supplement brands as clients. We did the deal over whisky on the rocks. No contract, no stress. Two six figure contracts without trying.

That, as as we got to hang out beforehand – we became friends – and the relationship is waaaaaaay stronger and I look forward to doing their work, the client calls and then hanging out with them in person again.

Not bad eh?

There you go. I just gave you one of the best takeaways I can. Crack on then cupcake, no more words to read, only monies for you to make!

Damn it!



***just*** by being seen in the room with these people gives you one of the biggest deposits to your social capital ‘bank account’ I can think of.

Trust me, people immediately perceive you in a different way. Don’t think because you may be lower down the wedge totem pole then them they won’t value you and your contributions. They have been like you once before, so don’t be a shy ass and get involved.

Right stop bloody typing Meredith!!

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  1. Kirsten Roberts Reply

    frigging awesome sir. I love hanging around with inspiring entrepreneurs who are shaking shit up – it gets me so energised – and the whole process of bouncing ideas off each other in the flesh is so wicked.
    I haven’t found that many in Aus so if you know of awesome one peeps share here

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