From Misery To Miami….


I started writing this on my phone when I was sat at the Shore Club in Miami

There I was surrounded by all the beautiful people, in the most amazing surroundings, tropical weather and having a not-too-hideous waitress bring me double Johnny Walkers seemingly every 45 mins.

Safe to say, was a little bit surreal.

If I scroll waaaaaaaaay back to my younger years, I was a quiet, shy, dorky little kid with braces (top and bottom – hell YEAH sexy boy…) who was on the path to being an engineer.

Now, I travel the world, work with some the most inspiring group of entrepreneurs, personally coach over 30 people to achieve glory and lead a group of nearly 700 fruitcakes in Coffee With Dan

How did it all happen?

Well, I have mentioned before that I had (since a young man) been told I would do great things. I had a natural gift with people – i truly love meeting new folks and understanding what makes them tick – and i seemed to be able to sell without selling.

Been asked more than once to write down what my ‘secret’ was and I have to say I don’t know – I just do what I do! 🙂

But this transformation has only really happened since Christmas of 2013, and if I am being REALLY honest its probably been since the start of 2015 when I really kicked it up a notch.

Tell a lie, i fucking broke myself getting to where I am.

Thats the thing, everyone wants a magic pill or shortcut and when I look back and am asked to tell peeps what that was – its fucking hard work. I remember Living out of my trusty Porter 46 bag (which I have a borderline obsession with. I think I love a bag) for 27 days.

I did 11 states, had over 40 meetings, attended 2 masterminds, one massive event (T&C) and met each and every one of my clients.

To say it was exhausting was an understatement,

Criss-crossing the States, with absolutely NO logical order to my travels (seriously I probably fucked myself up more so by having no idea which states was where ha). That, and once day I was in the glorious coastal sunshine of San Deigo having beach meetings, and then the next day Im up to my knees in snow firing all the guns

I know it sounds like fun – and yes of course it was at points – but I believe good things come after a period of intense effort. The fact that my body when I returned home was totally fucked means I left everything ‘on the table’

Good shit does come to good people – but I think there some folks have forgotten what it means to REALLY ‘do the work’. I was (and still am) prepared to make sacrifices to ensure that mine and my families future is secure.

Mum and Dad are in their 60’s and Anna (sister) is going to need 24/7 care and I need to be able ti ensure that I can provide it

There is no one else

So yeah, there is a fair dose of ‘misery’ in my life. Might not sound like it but being on your own, non-stop on the go, it gets lonely.

It gets tough.

But you know what, as I look back on the week I had in Miami, the fact that I was able to help the folks financially in the move, I have a truly amazing coaching group (who are actually improving at a stupid fast rate), that I can help out good people who just need a little bit of a hand?

Makes ALL the hard work seem worthwhile.

So, not really a point per se to this blog, and reading it back I admit I went on a bit of a ramble on this one ha

So have decided to put a few key ‘takeaway’ points for you:

– hard work is necessary, There are no shortcuts
– its never to late to change your life, IF you want it bad enough
– you are going to need to make some sacrifices if you want to level up your life
– Miami is a silly, silly place

TTFN mo-fo’s!


3 comments on “From Misery To Miami….”

  1. Fede Reply

    It’s inspiring to see all you have achieved during this short amount of time – but I know it’s because you’ve been working your f***ing ass off. You’re Dan “get shit done” Meredith.

  2. nayar Reply

    So brilliant to see your transformation Dan.
    And it’s always great to read your updates and helpful information.

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