My Dirty Little Obsession That I Do On Trains…

11720510_1620599374847715_636158088_nYou know what there is nothing I like more than than whipping it out on a train and giving it a damn good hammering

I love it

I am of course talking about my Macbook and work 😉

(not little Dan, maybe at the end of the journey if I’m lucky….but I digress)

The reason I am a HUGE fan of public transport is the fact that I have – and continue to do – some of my best work on trains, plans and in the back of an Uber.


Well what I have found is that by sticking myself in what I call ‘socially silent situations’ – in other words places where you are surrounded by the general public, but everyone kinda wants to be left alone to do their own thing.

They are fucking BRILLIANT for getting work done on!

As you may know I like to ‘block’ my days up into work sections of 90 mins to 2 hours, and one of my favourite trips is to get into Bristol, take a 2 hour train down to Plymouth or Bournemouth and either hope on a jet-ski pr just grab some seafood and then head home.

In those two hours (2 there, 2 back) I get more work done that I would do in 2 days normally. I can just switch off, zone out and find myself totally un-distract-able.

I just get shit done


I find its especially good for writing content, and doing the work that you **may** have been putting off. You can just grab a coffee, get a desk and go to work. I would advise you plan these trips a few weeks in advance (especially on trains) and get first class. It ends up not being that much more expensive if you do it in advance)

Not only is the free wifi a blessing, but they keep bringing you coffee which is nice 🙂

My friend & business partner Mike is a healthy mo-fo, but find going to McDonalds to work – especially first thing – has been brilliant for him. Lets face it no one goes to McDonalds to hang out, and they are designed to have you in and out as quick as possible. Its worked for him as he just grabs a coffee, puts his hoody up and looks like a bit of a psycho and hammers away on his laptop.

Safe to say people leave him alone…

But on a serious note, if you are looking to:

– get more shit done
– enjoy some seaside, architecture, culture or countryside
– change your location (which in itself is a GREAT way to get more done, and stop you going nuts)
– have some fun

I can heartily recommend a ‘train trip to nowhere’, and this is how I would advise you do it:

1. Pick somewhere thats 2-3 hours away from your home – would recommend somewhere with something to do – e.g. a nice restaurant, museum, seaside, etc

2. Make sure its a DIRECT train. Changing is a bitch and ruins focus. Get on, get comfortable, work, and then get off. Repeat on way back

3. Would suggest a couple of hours between getting there and your return journey. Do something in the middle!

4. Go off peak. Trust me, its WAY better – 10am leave and 3-4 pm return is usually spiffing.

5. Have a plan of what you want to do, make it realistic. You have 4-5 hours of focussed work. Equally imagine how much more you would get done if you did this once per week?

A lot, trust me

Thats it.

Something I have done for quite a few years now, might be worth giving it a shot at your end too.

Toodle pip!


9 comments on “My Dirty Little Obsession That I Do On Trains…”

  1. Keith Dean Reply

    Great advice Dan I like this idea. I am going onto now to see where I can zip off to for a couple of hours next week! Me and the good lady do the first class trick when we go to London as it makes the journey much better.

    Keith (Deano) Dean

    • admin Reply

      Seriously its the way forward Keith – 2-3 hours – I’m doing one now!

  2. Nigel Reply

    That is mental !!! – but it might just work……I like it… issue is that I would find a pub at my destination & ruin the ‘productivity’ of the return journey!!
    Cheers! – Nigel

    • admin Reply

      I didn’t say anything about NOT drinking…..aids the creativity 😉

  3. Jennifer Reply

    Excellent advice, my friend! And I just happen to be on a 5.5 hour train today. Although having the kids along really cuts down the opportunities for productivity . . . I used to fly a lot, and while the small seats made it somewhat of a challenge, it was always super-productive time, and a nice excuse not to talk with a crazy seat mate.

    • admin Reply

      How was the trip?

      I find on planes its less easy as a bit cramped but I double thumb it up with the iPad mini!

  4. Leon Reply

    Thanks for the tip Dan! I thought I was weird for liking train rides but not anymore! Lol

    • admin Reply

      So did I until I spoke to Mike about it – slightly obsessed with it now!

  5. Russ Meadows Reply

    Awesome Dan!

    I find that doing this time blocking i get a shit load done-never tried the train thing though will have a bash and let you know 🙂

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