Why I Take A Big Helping Of ‘D’ Every Day…And So Should YOU

Hands up who can guess what Im talking about?

I’ll give you a few clues:

It’s hard…
Not everyone can take it for long…

I reckon you are going to need it first thing in the morning, in the ‘mid afternoon slump’ and before you go to bed…

Any guesses?


Now there is actually some rhyme to my reason, as I said yesterday – had been told I had a ‘natural talent’ for all things people; and that I was going to be a success ‘one day’.
One day.

I thought as I entered my 33rd year on the plant – when the fuck is that then eh?
They say hard work beats talent and I am inclined to agree – however if you can combine a modicum of talent WITH hard work….
Well butter my arse and call me Susan; that (as loath as I am to write the following words) is a rockstar in the making that is right there.

Now if you are thinking:
‘tits, I don’t have any talent’ – fear ye not! One of the books i read a few years back, which got me on the path that I am now on is ‘Talent Is Overrated’ by Geoff Colvin.

In essence he had had researched into a variety of fields; from sports to business and music – and found this ‘common thread’; but ‘time served’ in a very specific, practiced and focussed way.

Lets face it, practice – focused, deliberate practice – isn’t fun.

I once PT’d a woman who was the lead violinist for the London Philharmonic Orchestra (and you try train someone who isn’t allowed to grip, thats fun!). Anyway, even though she was at the top of her game; she did 6-8 hours of practice EVERY DAY.

Just like it was her job.

Lets face it, hard work isn’t sexy – It certainly doesn’t sell a wanky little $97 ebook thats for sure. However the thing about hard work is it DOES work, if, and only IF, you apply it in the right direction.
This is why respected coaches and mentors CAN play a great help, as they have trod the path before you – and can help you find the right path for you to take, and hopefully avoid the pitfalls that they have made.

They probably had someone show them too. But, I am getting of the point here


Its what separates those that make it, from those that fail to meet their potential.

To the bodybuilder who wants to appear on stage with single digit body fat
Takes discipline.

To the person who wants to educate themselves when they have no knowledge of the subject they are learning
Take discipline

To master the world of direct response copy, and create beautiful and compelling sales letters
To start a business from scratch, grow it, make it profitable
Takes discipline.


It is my JOB to daily consume as much information as I can about copy, advertising, funnels – you name it – because if I am to serve my clients fully I have to know it.

Would I rather be pissing around online, sleeping in, jacking it and eating glorious, glorious pies.
Well, duh – course I would

But where’s that going to get me?

As I said yesterday, by my own choice I have no safety net – so If I don’t apply discipline to my life, I’m going to end up homeless and without my rigorous hair removal regimen fuck knows what will happen to me….probably get shot as a new breed of bigfoot…a hairier one frown emoticon

So, in closing if you want to get something:

– a great body
– your health back
– a business that pays you
– your ‘freedom’ from the 9-5
– becomes smarts innate
– good with words (heck even write that book you’ve been telling everyone about for ages! ha)
– whatever the fuck you want

You are going to need discipline to put in the necessary hours to make it work.

Told you it wasn’t sexy.

Human beings, we have this fucking amazing thing called a brain. Compared to most of what’s on the planet, its kinda ‘up there’ when it comes to solving problems. Our whole thing is overcoming obstacles and adversity – many have lost the art of relishing the challenge! The end destination is all they can think about instead of having a giggle (and a cry from time to time!) on the journey.

So if you want to make it:
Knuckle down
Do the shit you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it
Don’t whinge – no one ‘owes’ you anything
Make it happen
Be disciplined
End of
“#mic drop”


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