Then Gift That Keeps On Godin

Sometimes, someone does something that truly surprises you.

And sometimes, that ‘something’ – turns out to be something that profoundly changes your life.

(All In under two hours as well)

I ended up in an event by a chap by the name of Todd Brown called ‘The Big Idea Bootcamp’, and one of the worlds top copywriters (who’s course was one of the first I studied), Andre Chaperon had bought a book all the way from Gibraltar in his luggage just for me.

I mean me? I felt like I was a nobody back then.

But, not only had he been keeping an eye on my ‘ascension’ (WTF?!?!), but he wanted to give me something that was given him.

The book was called ‘What To Do When Its Your Turn {And Its Always Your Turn} ‘

Now, I’m not going to do a book review, I’m just going to ask you to do one thing.

First, go to Seth’s site –

Brilliantly, you can’t buy one copy.

The least you can get is three.

One is for you, and another two to give it to people who you feel it will have a profound effect on their life.

As I think it will have on yours.

It certainly did mine.

I have been wanting, ready, willing to change for some years – and on a 2-hour flight stateside, this book did exactly that.

Do not think.

Google. Click. Buy. Live. Enjoy

6 comments on “Then Gift That Keeps On Godin”

  1. nayar Reply

    Great post Dan,
    Ordered! Looking forward to reading it. Seth Godin’s stuff is always good, so i have no doubt that this one will be too. Plus as YOU are suggesting it, I’m convinced :). Thanks for the brilliant posts. Inspiring us every day.

  2. Paul Reply

    Great idea! Got 3 and 2 bonus. One for me, each of my 3 siblings, and one for somebody special. Probably wouldn’t have bought even one for myself, but something about getting other people involved broke the ice.

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