Don’t Fight Solo.

I sent an email out yesterday, I had a couple of hours to kill before a client arrived for a private consulting day

It wasn’t anything fancy (in fact was struggling to think of anything to write), however I decided to simply ask people to talk to me

You know, tell me how they are, if they are ok – have a little whinge and moan if they felt like it (sometimes just writing it out and sharing it helps)

Nutshell version:

I was stunned

There are some truly awesome people, people I have chatted to here, in private, in person and Skype…and They are going through some seriously tough times

And if you were to looking at their FB profile, you wouldn’t even know there was anything wrong

It’s so easy to project a happy, issue-free life (especially with social media) – that you would never know that someone close to you could be struggling like fuck

I know I have been there

There are times where I have posted up some whimsical status, ACCOUNTABILITY post, update when I have been unable to even get changed, out of bed, feed myself or face the world

We all have problems

And I’m not sure if it’s more a guy thing, but as a friend just told me (we were talking about some of our experiences coaching people, no names of course) – bottling that shit up will end you

Possibly for realzies

What’s the point of his post?

Well firstly all my energy got invested in my visitor today, so I promise I will reply to each and every email tomorrow

Secondly; you ain’t alone

To the ones that shared with me; I hear similar often – it happens. Being an entrepreneur is a tough fucker at times.

(In fact, it can be as unpleasant as dry ‘alternative route’ loving without even a smile or a Hank you after)

That and I reckon we (as a group of such people’s) tend to attract hose a little free spirited and creative – and seems like we are a little more ’emotionally dynamic’

Now I’m not a qualified therapist, mindset coach of similar – but if you feel like you want to share, get some shit off your chest? You can email me at

I can’t guarantee I can help but like I said before, just getting it out of your head helps

But do me a favour?

If you are suffering a bit – call your folks, friends, partner, someone you trust on here – don’t fight on solo

You will be amazed at the people that do care

Normal, sweary, abusing, marketingy shizzle will resume tomorrow

Off to recharge 🙂

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